Gold Stars - Beach Ballerinas

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Beach Ballerinas with mini GOLD STARS, that sparkle on your feet in the sunlight.
Barefoot Sensation Footwear for the beach. An innovation in design and oh-so-pretty! soft gel beach ballerina are versatile, comfortable, giving light protection from hot sand and pebble beaches, for use in and around the water, swimming pools and spas.

For more sporty water activities you can fasten the elastic foot-band over the foot, ensuring the beach ballerina remains securely on the foot.

The foot-band can be worn comfortably on the wrist when not in use.

We recommend you wet them to wear them more easily, and wear snug to swim. They do loosen slightly in the water.
Designed with a star-embossed sole, leaving a star print everywhere you tread!

Transparent to match any swimwear or beachwear;  replacing all the unattractive beach footwear.
At last, elegant women can rejoice!

WARNING: Please note, always take precautions where you tread and avoid sharp objects in and around water. Monfaradi Mare only provide a light protection, you will feel the pebble but not the pain.

Shipping Cost Depends upon Destination.
Shipping Time Ready to ship in 2-3 Business Days

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